Wild blue agate slab, tiles & surface

Luxury semi precious wild blue agate slab, tiles & surface from Parash Stones

Wild blue agate is a semi precious gemstone, its popular due to its natural blue dull colour and unique appearance. Wild blue agate slab gives mix appearance of natural grey and blue shades. Some texture of banded agate also visible in surface. Totally remarkable slab from Parash Stones luxury.

Parash Stones luxury segment is top brand for manufacturing wild blue agate slab, tiles, surface, worktop, counter top, table top, backsplash & many other interior design and decor furniture.

Wild blue agate slab & surface is translucent in nature and can be backlit (lit-up from behind).

Fill enquiry form and get best price for wild blue agate slab, tiles & surface.

Picture of wild blue agate slab

picture of wild blue agate slab, tiles & surface

Wild blue agate slab

Wild blue agate offered in form of :

  • Wild blue agate tiles
  • Wild blue agate slabs
  • Wild blue agate flooring
  • Wild blue agate wash basin, sink
  • Wild blue agate coasters
  • Wild blue agate bathroom vanity
  • Wild blue agate bathtub surround
  • Wild blue agate counter top, bar top, work top & kitchen top
  • Wild blue agate backsplash
  • Wild blue agate living room interior
  • Wild blue agate decorative articles
  • Wild blue agate luxury interior furniture.


Parash Stones is globally trusted brand in semi precious gemstone industry from many decades & offers worldwide shipping with on door delivery for wild blue agate & more than 300 variety of semi precious gemstone tiles, slabs ,surface & interior decor furniture.

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