Abalone shell slab surface & tiles

Abalone shell is a semi precious shell stone with a appealing 3d visual. In some countries abalone shell also compared to mother of pearl, but its having totally different appearance then mother of pearl. We manufacture abalone shell surface in two variants, Abalone green & Abalone pink.

We are top leading manufacturer of abalone shell slab, tiles, mosaic tiles, surface, counter tops, bathroom backsplash & many other interior decor applications. Available in cut to size & brick or random pattern.

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Picture of green abalone shell stone slab & surface

picture of green abalone shell slab, tiles & surface

Green abalone shell slab

Picture of pink abalone shell stone slab & surface

picture of pink abalone slab, tiles & surface

Pink abalone slab


Abalone shell stone is opaque in nature so cannot backlit.

Abalone shell stone offered in form of :

  • Abalone shell tiles
  • Abalone shell slabs
  • Abalone shell flooring
  • Abalone shell wash basin, sink
  • Abalone shell coasters
  • Abalone shell bathroom vanity
  • Abalone shell bathtub surround
  • Abalone shell counter top, bar top, work top & kitchen top
  • Abalone shell backsplash
  • Abalone shell living room interior
  • Abalone shell decorative articles
  • Abalone shell luxury interior furniture.


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