Aventurine slab, tiles & surface

Aventurine is a semi precious gemstone but technically considered as rock due to inclusion of several minerals. Its also composed of quart & chalcedony which gives it shiny effect. Traditionally aventurine is considered as ornamental material & widely used for jewellery manufacturing.

We manufacture slab & surface of aventurine semi precious gemstone, further categorised as green aventurine slab, grape aventurine slab & yellow aventurine slab. These slab & surface are available in many sizes & thickness as per customer requirement.

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Picture of green aventurine slab & surface

picture of green aventurine slab surface & tiles

Green aventurine slab

Picture of grape aventurine slab & surface

picture of grape aventurine slab tiles & surface

Grape aventurine slab

Picture of yellow aventurine slab & surface

picture of yellow aventurine slab tiles & surface

Yellow aventurine slab

Aventurine is opaque in nature so cannot be backlit.

Aventurine offered in form of :

  • Aventurine tiles
  • Aventurine slabs
  • Aventurine flooring
  • Aventurine wash basin, sink
  • Aventurine bathroom vanity
  • Aventurine bathtub surround
  • Aventurine counter top, bar top, work top & kitchen top
  • Aventurine backsplash
  • Aventurine living room interior
  • Aventurine decorative articles
  • Aventurine luxury interior furniture.

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