Sodalite blue slab & surface

Sodalite blue gemstone is being used in jewellery and furnishing from many decades. Its also resemble to lucky charm if used in interior. Sodalite blue gemstone also known as princess blue gemstone. Its vibrant blue colour veins with white streaks makes this stone unique and remarkable.

We are manufacturer of sodalite slab, tiles & surface in many cut to sizes. Sodalite blue slab have different shades from light blue to royal blue. Its opaque in nature and cannot be backlit.

Sodalite slab & surface available in two tones & shades, Sodalite light blue & sodalite waterfall blue.

Picture of sodalite light blue slab & surface

picture of sodalite slab, tiles & surface in light blue shade

Sodalite light blue slab

Picture of sodalite dark waterfall blue slab & surface

picture of sodalite waterfall blue slab, tiles & surface

Sodalite waterfall blue slab


Specification of sodalite blue:

Chemical formula : SiO2

Hardness Mohs: 7

Density: 2.65

Zodiac/sunsign: Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius


Sodalite offered in form of :

  • Sodalite tiles
  • Sodalite slabs
  • Sodalite flooring
  • Sodalite wash basin, sink
  • Sodalite coasters
  • Sodalite bathroom vanity
  • Sodalite bathtub surround
  • Sodalite counter top, bar top, work top & kitchen top
  • Sodalite backsplash
  • Sodalite living room interior
  • Sodalite decorative articles
  • Sodalite luxury interior furniture.



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