Quartz slab, surface & tiles

Exclusive variety & collection of semi precious gemstone quartz slab & surface from Parash Stones

Quartz is very wide segment in semi precious gemstone consist of many exclusive colours. We manufacture wide range of slabs, surfaces, counter top, kitchen top, work top, backsplash & luxury interior design furniture.


Parash Stones quartz collection consist of : Yellow, White, Smoky crystal, Snow white, Rose, Red, Pink, Picasso, Lemon, Hematite, Golden brown, Curdy, Crystal, Classic, Blue.

More product details & variety in quartz collection

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Some lifestyle application ideas for quartz semi precious gemstone slab & surface

Quartz surface can be application as – Partition design, T.V.Panel surround, Flooring, Walling, Office tables & Backsplash, escalator interior, Reception area Counter & worktops, Fireplaces surround, Exterior Wall design, Doors surround, Wardrobes covering, Dining Table, knobs, Coasters, Jacuzzi surround, Entry Gate covering, Vanity Mirror surround, Bedroom interior, Pedestal Basin & sinks, Frames, Pillars, Bar Counter, SPA, Table Top, Swimming Pool walls, Steps & raisers, Bath tub etc.

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