Fluorite slab & surface

Luxury & exclusive fluorite semi precious gemstone slab & surface collection from Parash Stones

Fluorite is well known gem for elegance & beauty. Its being used for jewellery since ancient times. We have beautiful collection of Purple fluorite, emerald fluorite, multi colour fluorite & green fluorite. Transform your interior into luxury habitat by installing Parash Stone fluorite slab & surface.

We manufacture elegant slab & surface in fluorite semi precious gemstone,  available in many custom sizes.

Various colours & products in fluorite slab & surface collection

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Specification of fluorite semi precious gemstone:

Chemical formula : CaF2

Hardness Mohs: 4

Density: 3.2

Zodiac/sun sign: Pisces, Capricon

Some lifestyle application ideas for semi precious  fluorite slab & surface

Fluorite surface & slab can be application as – Partition design, T.V.Panel surround, Flooring, Walling, Office tables & Backsplash, escalator interior, Reception area Counter & worktops, Fireplaces surround, Exterior Wall design, Doors surround, Wardrobes covering, Dining Table, knobs, Coasters, Jacuzzi surround, Entry Gate covering, Vanity Mirror surround, Bedroom interior, Pedestal Basin & sinks, Frames, Pillars, Bar Counter, SPA, Table Top, Swimming Pool walls, Steps & raisers, Bath tub etc.

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