Blue quartz surface, slab & tiles

Luxury blue quartz surface, slab & tiles collection from Parash Stones

Blue quartz basically a blue colour in quartz. Its also known as aqua aura quart in many countries. Its very rare in nature and found in form of rock crystals. We manufacture surface, tiles & slabs from these natural blue quartz rock crystals. Sky blue & dark blue colour in this quartz makes it very impressive for interior luxury decor.

Parash Stones is among top manufacturing unit to produce blue quartz surface, slab & tiles based in India.

Blue quartz is translucent in nature and can be backlit (lit-up from behind).

Fill enquiry form & get best price for blue quartz surface, slab & tiles.

Picture of blue quartz slab & surface

Picture of blue quartz surface, slab & tiles

Blue quartz slab & surface

Blue quartz is offered in form of :

  • Blue quartz tiles
  • Blue quartz slabs
  • Blue quartz flooring
  • Blue quartz wash basin, sink
  • Blue quartz coasters
  • Blue quartz bathroom vanity
  • Blue quartz bathtub surround
  • Blue quartz counter top, bar top, work top & kitchen top
  • Blue quartz backsplash
  • Blue quartz living room interior
  • Blue quartz decorative articles
  • Blue quartz luxury interior furniture.


Parash Stones offers blue quartz exclusive slab, tiles & surface worldwide on door delivery at best price.

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