Ruby carnelian slab & surface

Ruby carnelian is very rare & exclusive new colour in carnelian segment. Ruby colour is very luxury and vibrant in semi precious surface segment. This unique slab pattern is very exclusive in gemstone market. We manufacture ruby carnelian slab, surface, tiles, counter table top, backsplash & many other interior applications.

Picture of ruby carnelian slab & surface

picture of ruby carnelian slab, tiles & surface

Ruby Carnelian Slab

Yellow carnelian slab & surface

Yellow carnelian is very popular colour in carnelian segment. Famous in European regions from many decades. Natural yellow colour in this slab & surface gives it extensive new look. We manufacture yellow carnelian slab, surface, tiles, counter tops & backsplash in many custom sizes & finishes.

Picture of yellow carnelian slab & surface

picture of yellow carnelian slab, tiles & surface

Yellow Carnelian Slab

Red carnelian slab & surface

Red carnelian surface is very elegance & attractive in looks. Red carnelian slab is among top demand in semi precious gemstone surface segment. We manufacture red carnelian slab, tiles & surface in many sizes & thickness as required by our customers. Red vibrant colour give luxury looks to slab.

Picture of red carnelian slab & surface

picture of red carnelian slab, surface & tiles

Red carnelian slab