agate fireplace surround backsplash backlit

Agate fireplace surround with backsplash walling slab in black agate

Beautifully crafted black agate slab for a luxurious residential project in Sydney, Australia.  15 mm thickness agate surface is used for this beautiful sculpture.

Get in touch with us to get your project done in black agate or many other semi precious gemstone surface.

Picture of agate fireplace surround and backsplash

picture of black agate fireplace surround

Black agate fireplace surround


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agate centre table coffee table in blue agate

Agate centre table and agate coffee table for a residential and commercial project in Europe


Our craftsman manufacture beautiful centre table, coffee table and island table in agate as well as in many other semi precious gemstones. Agate table are backlit so can be light up underneath.

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Picture of multi colour agate centre table/coffee table

picture of mix colour agate centre table

Mix colour agate

Picture of blue agate centre table/coffee table

picture of blue agate centre table or coffee table

Blue agate centre table


Amethyst bathroom floor tiles vanity top for a residential project

Beautiful amethyst bathroom floor tiles & vanity top surround for a small residential project in Winnipeg, Canada. Amethyst semi precious gemstone tiles looks very amazing in bathroom decor, shower wall & backsplash.

Amethyst flooring tiles for sale – Exported 500 square feet tiles to United Kingdom for a project

Amethyst flooring tiles for a luxury residential project in United Kingdom. Exported 500 square feet tiles for a single project. We regularly ship flooring tiles in semi precious stones globally, can be manufactured in every size.

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Blue agate large slab manufactured for a elevator project in USA

Blue agate large size slab supplied to a beautiful car elevator project on order. 18 large size semi precious slabs for 6 elevators.

We supply more than 2000 square feet agate surface to interior designers, renovators & end users in USA.

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Amethyst countertop slab for commercial project in Atlanta, USA

Amethyst countertop & slab for worktop & backsplash in a commercial interior design project in Atlanta, USA. Attractive amethyst furniture for every luxury interior design renovation.

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Agate table top with glass base supplied 400 pieces to Interior design company in New York

Beautiful agate tabletop in circular round pattern with glass base. Elegant table top design backlit. Supplied 400 pieces to a Interior design group in New York, North America.

Round agate table top in blue agate, pink agate, black golden agate

Agate table top in round design, supplied more than 900 units to France & other European countries. These agate and quartz top are becoming best choice for interior designer for renovating luxury residential and commercial projects.

angel jasper slab countertop backsplash for a spa project in Switzerland

Angel jasper counter top & angel jasper backsplash for a luxury spa project in Switzerland. Total 120 square feet material manufactured for luxury interior in a spa.

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